BoBac Bassets

The Bakers' with Gaea and Lucy

The Webbs' with Merlot

Patti and Paul Haberman with Emma and Hank
Sean Harlow with Rugby
Miles & Martrha Fairris with Canyon
The Howards' with Hank
The Phillippes' with Bob
Niki Prindle with Daisy Mae
Laurie Mathews with Millie
Josephine Lambert with Cecil
The Morrisons' with Clancy
David Kamman with Brutus
The Napiers' with Clyde
The Olsen's with Bell
Silas & Jerri Ragsdale with Judge
Michelle Evans and Dulcinea
Susan with Dawn Barbara with Nike
Quniton & Stacey with Jimi Hugh and Connie Lefler with Jonie
Brian, Danielle and children with Gumbo Jarrell & Eva Rice with Sophie

The Rush's with Bo and Vanna

Cheney with Jackson
Denise and Nathan with Charlotte The Brzozowskis' and Chianti
Gabby lives with Adam, Kimberly and their Children The Blairs with Larry
Lynn Prince and Juneau The Mead Family and Colby Chaps
The Starks with Moose Galena (right) and the Divelys
Mike and Pam Williams are owned by Annie John & Roemehl Dewey with Mulligan
Farley (right) with Russ and Judy Comers Clint and Dawn with DotCom
Charlie and Lisa with Mimi John and Emily with Boomer
Tina and Ellie Mae Mike and Connie with Ernie D
Tina and George Sandy lives with Clancy
Melissa and Yani The Vincent's with Annie
Sonny and Cyndi live with Gracie MG with her new family - The Harris's
Matthew, Gloria and Nikki  Diesel

Maria's new family Rick and Amy with their children
JP, Charlie and Sarah

 Bobby lives with Jim and Inga-Marie Kari & Eva with Gretsky
Brenda, Dellas and Brandy with Luke Pat and Joni and their daughters with Ranger

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